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What is THCa?

THCA stands for Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It's the acidic precursor to THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the well-known psychoactive compound in cannabis.

THCA itself doesn’t produce the intoxicating effects commonly associated with THC. However, when THCa is heated through processes like smoking, vaping, or cooking, it undergoes decarboxylation, transforming into THC and becoming psychoactive.

What is THCa hemp flower?

'THCa hemp flower' or 'THCa flower' are names used for cannabis buds with delta 9 THC levels that do not exceed 0.3% by dry weight, but which have high levels of THCa.

Will THCa make me feel high?

Although everyone processes cannabinoids differently, it is more than likely that a user will feel intoxicated or 'high' after smoking or vaping THCa.

These products are not for children, pregnant or nursing women. Also, users must take care to not drive or operate heavy machinery after smoking or vaping THCa products.

Is THCa hemp flower lawful under federal law?

Yes. Under federal law, harvested THCa hemp flower is lawful. This is because the federal 2018 Farm Bill distinguishes between lawful harvested hemp and unlawful marijuana based on the levels of Delta-9 THC, not THCa.

Harvested cannabis, including its flowers and buds, with no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight is lawful hemp, regardless of the amount of THCa or any other cannabinoid that it contains.

What does the DEA say about THCa hemp flower?

THCa hemp flower meets the DEA's definition of lawful hemp. According to the DEA, "material that is derived or extracted from the cannabis plant such as tissue culture and any other genetic material that has a delta-9 THC concentration of no more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis meets the legal definition of "hemp" and is thus not controlled under CSA."

You can read the DEA’s letter here.

Will THCa hemp flower cause users to fail a drug test?

Yes. THCa hemp flower contains cannabinoids, including THC, which may cause users to fail a drug test. Therefore, individuals should not use THCa products is they are subject to drug testing.

Is THCa hemp flower lawful in all states?

No. State laws differ regarding whether or not harvested hemp flower can be sold or possessed and if a license or permit is required in order to handle it. Additionally, some states calculate the concentrations of both Delta-9 THC and THCa, rather than just Delta-9 THC, to determine if harvested cannabis bud is lawful hemp or unlawful marijuana. This 'Total THC' calculation is used in all states for pre-harvested hemp, but it is also used in some states for harvested hemp/hemp products. You should not possess or sell THCa hemp flower if it is illegal in your state. You should consult with a lawyer if you are unsure of the legal status of THCa hemp flower in your state.

What is delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. All of our cannabinoids, including Delta 8, are extracted from hemp.

Delta 8 THC carries the psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with the typical properties of cannabis use.

Additionally, this special compound is also said to instill a peaceful state of mind and for its potential to aid in nausea relief.

Will delta-8 make me feel high?

In short yes, Delta 8  will make you feel high, but not in the same way Delta 9 THC does.

Delta 8 can deliver a moderate to strong euphoric effect, but it is not as potent as Delta 9 THC. Think getting high without getting lost.

Most users report less anxiousness, fewer intrusive thoughts and an overall more uplifted buzz when using D8 vs D9.

Keep in mind that people react differently to cannabinoids and other factors come into play that will effect one’s subjective experience including product type (vape, pre-roll or edible etc) and reason for use.

Are there any side effects of Delta-8?

There are a variety of potential, mild, side effects associated with Delta 8 THC including dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, altered mood or altered perception, dizziness or lightheadedness.

It is important to note that Delta 8 THC can also impair cognitive function and coordination, which can increase the risk of accidents or injuries. It is important to use caution and avoid activities that require alertness or coordination, such as driving or operating heavy machinery, while under the influence of delta 8 THC.

It is also possible for delta 8 THC to interact with certain medications or medical conditions. If you are taking any medications or have a medical condition, it is important to talk to a healthcare professional before using delta 8 THC.

What is THCP?

THC-P is a newly discovered and ultra potent psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp.

It is measured to have a binding affinity to CB1 receptor cells 33 times more effectively than Delta 9 THC.

Typically found in very low quantities in hemp plants, almost all commercially used THCP is chemically modified from other cannabinoids like CBD, Delta 8 or Delta 9.

Does THCP get you high?

Yes, THCP is a psychoactive cannabinoid with effects similar to Delta 9 THC, but more pronounced.

It is measured to have a binding affinity to CB1 receptor cells 33 times more effectively than Delta 9 THC.

Although more than likely, some of its binding affinity is not utilized by overloaded cannabinoid receptors, it is still believed to be quite a bit stronger than Delta 9 THC and will get you high.